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My classes at the College of Southern Nevada have been working on diptychs this week. Thought I would share 2 videos about putting together a diptych. Get out and make one or 10.

Images used in the first video were photographed by my student Jacob Lucero.


Exercise: 1-15-2017

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Double Exposure/Multi Exposure:
Shooting two images (or more) in a single frame.

You will need to pre-visualize how the images will blend together. The placement of subjects, how busy the backgrounds are and more. Busy, busy can make a very chaotic finished image. Think busy scene and then a simple scene, try the reverse. Sometimes a little luck will work in your favor.

Darker scenes blend better many times. Lighter scenes you may blow out areas of information. This can work also, depending on what you want to say with your images. What do you want to say? Try shooting the darker scene and then the second exposure a lighter scene. Of course experiment. Light, light: Dark, dark: Light, dark: Keep a journal entry of what works so you can recreate your successes.

Here are some double exposure apps for your smart phone.
•Pic Blender Double Exposure
•Hipstamatic, (a favorite app of mine)
•Little Photo
•Adobe Photoshop Mix app

•Lets add to this list and share some examples of what we are creating.

Some of your DSLR’s and micro 4/3rds cameras have double exposure/multi exposure capabilities. Explore your manual for the information on what your camera is capable of doing.
Here is a list of cameras that have double exposure/multi exposure capability:

I have been exploring double exposures using the Fuji Instax Mini90. An Instant film camera and then scanning the prints to share online and to print larger. I have to say there is something nice about those little prints. I have also been adding the date on the back of the prints, I thought I would miss that piece of metadata later in the year.

You can create a double exposure effect using your editing skills after the shoot. You can do this in Photoshop and many apps for your smart phone.

Explore and have fun!!!

LVD Book 2017

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Shoot More-LVD 2017

By heather protz

54 pages, published 1/5/2017

This is a book/journal for the Las Vegas Document class. The book has assignments, exercises, inspiration and some open pages for your ideas and explorations. I have a new 8 week project included in here as well as some old favorites such as Up-High. You do not need to be a part of this class to purchase this book.If you are interested in gaining some skills and insight into street, documentary, fine art photography this is the book for you.…

63 Days

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Well the many days I spent on the road photographing, interviewing people and seeing friends, I had a bit of drive and air time. Over 63 days I drove 7746 miles, took 7 flight, and walked many miles. During much of this time I listened to podcasts.
1) The Tim Ferriss show -Many many hours - This is a favorite, interesting topics, interesting people, and I like his style of podcasts, varied from long to short episodes. I have Tim's books on order, they should be here today.
2) Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin -Another great podcast kept me listening.
3) The James Altucher Show -I enjoyed these podcasts as well as his website, gets me thinking and inspires.
4) Seth Godin’s Startup School (listened to all 15 episodes)
5) The Halftone (listened to 3 episodes)

Over the summer I watched 30 days of Genius with Chase Jarvis (I watched all 30 episodes twice). This led me to Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin and James Altucher. My pal Micah Kraus introduced me to Here’s the Thing, and a Facebook post by Darius Himes led me to the Halftone. Why does this matter? I was curious, I kept exploring and found people who propelled my thinking forward.

I am looking for some women podcasters to listen to. Any suggestions?

Before the end of the year I plan to get back out on the road and make it to my goal of 72 days of exploring.

72 Days: A visit with Andy Sabol

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When I was in Ohio I had a chance to see Andy Sabol's New photographic work at the Peninsula Art Academy.
The Southwest Tour by Andy Sabol. The Show is up Until November 13, 2016, be sure to get over and see his images.


IMG_8761IMG_8761 IMG_8763IMG_8763

72 Days: Day 52

October 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

More of the art I experienced in NYC.

IMG_8006IMG_8006 Art Installation on Governors Island. I also rode a bicycle and survived. I did not forget this skill from my youth. Had a blast. Darn I needed a snap of me riding around. Oh well, next time.

FullSizeRender 23FullSizeRender 23Processed with Snapseed. At The New Museum: Exhibit, The Keeper -Fascinating show about collections and collecting.

FullSizeRender 28FullSizeRender 28Processed with Snapseed. The Met Breuer: Diane Arbus exhibition, I loved the images and the installation of the work. I made it to this show three times, each visit was packed with people. The Show is up through November 27, 2016
I will be buying the book. Diane Arbus: In the Beginning   http://amzn.to/2dT1AC7

FullSizeRender 27FullSizeRender 27Processed with Snapseed. Danny Lyon: Message to the Future, at the Whitney was amazing. So many images to explore. And I now know he lives in New Mexico I wonder if I can bump into him somewhere?
Another book I need to add to my collection: http://amzn.to/2eNPiZl

I can't believe it but I was so caught up in seeing Nan Goldin's work at the MOMA I did not snap a photo to add here. What was incredible about this exhibition was the 50 minute movie, of the 700 images and music she used to share as slideshows in NYC, Back in the late 70's and 80's.
Here is a link to the exhibit. http://www.moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/1651

This book has been part of my collection since it first came out.  http://amzn.to/2ekwjas




IMG_8526IMG_8526 IMG_8559IMG_8559 Went to a few shows! Nothing like a Broadway play!





72 Days: Day 50

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Still posting from back in NYC the first of 2 weeks spent in the city.
I will get caught up someday.

I had the chance to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, for the first time on this trip. I can't believe I have not done this in all of the time I've spent in NYC, just crazy, people were everywhere, I snapped this image on the walk.


My destination was Photoville, a photo exhibit in shipping containers under the Brooklyn Bridge. I was fascinated by how the exhibits were installed, simple to complex, I loved the stacking of the containers. It was 90 degrees and tons of humidity the day I visited, this did not slow the energy and excitement that was everywhere.


IMG_8040IMG_8040 IMG_8042IMG_8042 IMG_8047IMG_8047 IMG_8052IMG_8052 IMG_8053IMG_8053 IMG_8063IMG_8063 IMG_8057IMG_8057 IMG_8058IMG_8058 I know this in out of focus. The front when you walked into the container was the image on the back was the artists name and statement about the work.

IMG_8066IMG_8066 IMG_8068IMG_8068 IMG_8071IMG_8071 IMG_8074IMG_8074 IMG_8082IMG_8082 IMG_8086IMG_8086 IMG_8087IMG_8087 IMG_8092IMG_8092 IMG_8094IMG_8094 IMG_8095IMG_8095 IMG_8096IMG_8096 IMG_8105IMG_8105 IMG_8102IMG_8102 This will be on my agenda in the future. The Photoville event also had talks and workshops. Mark your calendar for next year.

After seeing the work I walked back across the bridge making more images. A perfect day!


72 Days: Day 41

October 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have been seeing Art, Photography, Plays, Music and artist talks along this trip. I wanted to put the images from these experiences in one gallery and share them with you here.

First I was in Nashville and my pal, Fran took me to the Bluebird Cafe, you know the one on the TV show Nashville - WOW what a way to start the trip. The experience was one I will never forget. The music was music I knew and loved.

IMG_7553IMG_7553 FullSizeRender 47FullSizeRender 47 We saw Bob DiPiero and Al Anderson and friends. Fran, do you remember the other two musicians?

Next up I saw Shane Wynn give a talk about the photographic career. I had an opportunity to interview her a few days later, a post on that will be coming up.


Did I mention I was invited to do a Pop Up show Artwalls at 43 Furnace street in Akron Ohio?

IMG_8732IMG_8732 FullSizeRender 41FullSizeRender 41Processed with Snapseed. IMG_7720IMG_7720 IMG_7716IMG_7716

While in Akron I also led a Photowalk Seminar. We had a blast exploring the streets of Akron. We explored layering of space in an image, lines, shapes color and how this adds to the content of an image.

Images Below were made By Andrea Borowiec, Barbara Shapiro, and Matt Bryant.
Here is a link to Matt's Flickr page, https://www.flickr.com/photos/natureinterrogative/
You can find Andrea and Barb on Facebook.

Join the Shoot More Facebook page to see everyone's images.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShootMore/
You will also find info on Photowalks, future workshops and a juried show Micah Kraus and I will be putting together - Think Plywood.

004_PW14333596_10208429043897924_8849300112123797357_n004_PW14333596_10208429043897924_8849300112123797357_n 005_PW14379850_1791982504406514_8633359447386687742_o005_PW14379850_1791982504406514_8633359447386687742_o 003_PW14324690_1791982381073193_4201299752978976346_o003_PW14324690_1791982381073193_4201299752978976346_o 001_PW14362551_1791982401073191_1735532076595339343_o001_PW14362551_1791982401073191_1735532076595339343_o 002_PW14195935_1791982537739844_5899263317495162072_o002_PW14195935_1791982537739844_5899263317495162072_o 010_PW_DSF1578010_PW_DSF1578 008_PWdouble exposure008_PWdouble exposure 009_PW_DSF1632009_PW_DSF1632 006_PW_dsc0102edit1006_PW_dsc0102edit1 007_PWart museum007_PWart museum

This is just a start look for more images to come from the explorations. Keep Shooting!!!!


72 Days: Day 29

October 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

What a great adventure so far, I am back in NYC with my mom this week, looking at art, seeing plays and making images. I have already spent one week in the city, then I was back to Ohio and then two days in Chicago where I did one of the interviews, with Jake Hukee, for my sabbatical project. The videos will get edited and posted later. Jake was the 5th interview. Follow Jake on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/trackingjake/

I thought I would have more time for editing and posting on this adventure, but the last 29 days I have been going non-stop from the minute I get up until I go to sleep. To know where I am and what I'm looking at follow me on Facebook, I have been posting little snippets there daily of the adventure, https://www.facebook.com/heather.protz.

Here is the first edit of some of the people images from NYC.
Let me know what you think.
The Link is not a tab yet so you will need to come back here to connect or save it, I will be adding images to this gallery for the next few weeks.

I am off to start the day with new adventures, talk to you soon.






72 Days: Day 15

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I am ending day 15 of the 72 Day Exploration. Last week was spent exploring Akron, Ohio. What a week! I made, some great images and videos, hung a show in a pop up space, viewed my work hung in another exhibition, had the keys to two galleries. I led a photowalk/seminar, slept in a room covered in plywood, enjoyed some tasty meals. But there was no internet where I was staying. No internet does not seem like that big of a deal until you don't have it, yes every coffee shop has internet but maybe not that great of speed. But I am back up and running. look for a few more posts this week. Check out the Pop-Up show in Akron at 43 Furnace Street, 2nd floor during the first Saturday Art Walk.

001_9180046001_9180046OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
002_9180047002_9180047OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 003_9180060003_9180060OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 004_9180052004_9180052OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 005_9180059005_9180059OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 006_9180062006_9180062OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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